Wedding Suits

Just For Him specialises in getting the guys sorted for weddings. Whether you are in the wedding party or attending as a guest, we can put together a look to suit your style and budget.  We carry a large range of Suits, Shirts, Accessories and Gifts to suit every size and requirement.

Styling Services For Weddings

In 2009 Just For Him introduced the ‘Grooms Styling Session’. We are now known as the leaders in this field. No one else has a Styling Session like the one we have created. We can guarantee that every Bride & Groom that has undergone the session has enjoyed the experience.

Please note: An appointment must be made for Styling Sessions. – Phone 9630 6000 or email us. 

Wedding Suit Packages

We will ensure that we style to suit your budget. With this as the primary purpose, Just For Him has ‘Wedding Packages’ that will ensure that we do not go over it. The packages streamline everything, which helps to get rid of some of the hassle that goes hand in hand with weddings.


We have a large selection of Formal Vests, Ties and Hankies that you can purchase or hire.

Wedding Magazine

We like to pass on knowledge that we have gained from experience and feedback. The best way that we have found to do this is by publishing it.

Just For Him have published a ‘Mini Magazine’ that is extremely useful for any guy that is involved in a wedding. Every year we accumulate more information, so much so we are now onto issue #3.  Over 5,000 are given out or downloaded each year.

Magazine Issue 1

Magazine Issue 2

Magazine Issue 3

Magazine Issue 5

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