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You’ve proposed, she’s accepted now comes the fun bit! The time leading up to the wedding day can be very stressful for the bride. It’s the Grooms role to support his Bride as much as possible.  Some brides are very capable and want to do everything themselves, others find the task very daunting and appreciate assistance. It doesn’t matter either way, the Groom does have some tasks that are his responsibility whether he likes it or not.

We have put together some information that should help the Groom know what is expected and also give him some ideas that he may not have thought about.

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Business suit


All men have to go to work, some don’t have to dress smart, others have a uniform that they are expected to wear and the rest have to dress to impress.

If you are the latter, there are some do’s and dont’s that if followed can make dressing for business easy.

We have sourced useful information that can help you dress for Business.

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What do you wear? How you present yourself can actually make a statement without you having to say a word.

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Kendrick Louis

Ironman Kendrick Louis styled by JFH


School Formals, Black Tie events, Formal Dinners, the list of what a formal is, is diverse and you need to know what should be worn to the event you will be attending.

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This is not an oxymoron – you can look smart and casual at the same time. We have information that will help you achieve this look with ease.

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