How to dress Smart Casual

Smart Casual attire is something that many men look forward to donning on the weekends. But just because a situation calls for casual wear does not mean that men should stretch their limits too far. Smart Casual is comfortable but it does not mean that you have to wear track pants, sneakers and a baggy tee shirt. Instead, it means simply dressing more comfortably and still look smart. Comfort can be classy, and there are simple things that men can do to make comfortable, casual clothing still look quality and sophisticated.

Here are a few things to follow when it comes to dressing smart casually….

  • Don’t wear worn-out shirts – The t-shirt has long been a common piece in a casual wardrobe. While this piece is appropriate, the type of t-shirt a man wears says a lot about his level of class. T-shirts with holes, stains or inappropriate wording can send the wrong message and leave people assuming that a man is uncaring and unkempt. Instead, wearing polo t-shirts or high-quality fabrics that are thick and sturdy can help men look more refined.
  • Don’t wear low-quality denim – Jeans are another popular casual staple worn on the weekends. But low-quality denim can leave a man looking disheveled and frumpy instead of simply dressed down. To wear casual pants correctly, find a comfortable but high-quality fabric that will look good throughout the day.
  • Don’t wear hoodies as a fashion statement – Unless you are under 15 years old. They may be casual but they are not smart.  If it’s a bit chilly, stick to more structured, mature outerwear, even on casual days. This can include a fine knit vee neck jumper that can be worn on its own or over a tee shirt or open collar shirt.
  • Don’t shop where you have to make tough choices – If you are a man who has a hard time making choices when it comes to what to wear and what to buy, avoid thrift stores or cheaper clothing stores that leave you faced with having to sort through racks of usually daggy or out of date clothes. Instead, shop at retailers that consistently carry high quality clothes.  It is also a good idea to shop in a store that offers a free styling service and / or employs experienced staff that understand fashion and know how to style men. They will help you stay on the right track toward creating a good wardrobe.

Smart Casually dressed men can look refined when wearing the right type of attire. By focusing on quality of fabric and causal, yet classy pieces, men can look good even when they are dressing down for an occasion.

  • Do invest in a quality pair of jeans that are stylish but not ‘trendy’. If you feel you are too ‘mature’ for jeans, go for a pair of Chino style casual pants. Do not be tempted to buy expensive cutting edge styles that will be out of date within a few months.
  • Do buy stylish shirts that can be worn un-tucked or tucked in.  Prints or bold colours with detail such as contrasting cuffs, buttons etc will take you out of work mode into smart casual. Wear a shirt that expresses your personality. If you are ultra conservative, step out of the box and try wearing something different to what you normally wear – you will be amazed at the compliments you will receive and in return, how good that makes you feel.
  • Do invest in a pair of loafers – slip on shoes that don’t need to be worn with socks. These look much better with both shorts or jeans / slacks than wearing sneakers or sandals. Just make sure that if you are wearing shorts that you do NOT wear socks with them.
  • Do accessorise – If you like hats – wear one but make sure its not a baseball cap or beanie – instead try a Fedora or Flatcap.
  • Do invest in a Blazer / Sports Coat / Jacket. If it’s a bit on the chilly side, instead of pulling on a windcheater, team your jeans with a stylish jacket. Nowadays, it is acceptable to even wear a ‘Fashion Suit’ jacket with a casual pair of pants.


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