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Just For Him do not have a resident tailor, however we are very lucky to have the exclusive services of a Master Tailor that comes to Just For Him on Saturdays.

Mr Peter Poci is a veteran of tailoring with over 50 years of experience.  At the age of 10, Peter used to go after school to sit and watch  the local tailor. At age 15 he commenced his Tailoring apprenticeship in Italy.

Peter had his own Bespoke Tailoring business both in Italy and in more recent years, Sydney for many years.

Four years ago, Peter decided to close his business and work exclusively for Just For Him.

His tailoring skills are amazing, we feel so lucky having him as part of the JFH team.

Peter takes appointments to meet with customers that have purchased their outfit from Just For Him and require tailoring.

*Please note: These tailoring services are available for items purchased at JFH only.

Tailoring Fees:

  • Trouser Hem  $20
  • Shorten / Lengthen Jacket Sleeve  $40
  • Shorten / Lengthen Shirt Sleeve  $22
  • Take in / Let out Trouser Waist  $25
  • Take in Jacket waist  $55
  • Adjustments to Jacket Shoulders  $ quote
  • Shorten Jacket length $55
  • General alterations $ Quote

These prices may be subject to change – for an accurate current price, contact JFH 96306000.

The prices stated are general prices, if additional work is required the price may vary.  This will be advised prior to the tailoring being done.

Tailoring is collected on Saturday (before 12 noon) It is a 2 week turnaround.  If items are required in a shorter period of time, a rush fee of $25  is charged.

Before any tailoring is  done by the JFH tailor, you will be asked to sign the JFH ‘Tailoring Sheet’.  By signing the sheet you are stating that you are happy with the position of the pins and that tailoring should go ahead.

This is an example of the JFH tailoring sheet:

                                     DETAILS OF TAILORING REQUIRED     Tick
Trouser Length:
Trouser Waist:
Jacket Sleeve:
Jacket Waist:
Jacket Nape:
Jacket Shoulders:
Jacket Length:
Shirt Sleeve:
Shirt Button
Shirt Waist:
 Other Tailoring Required:
  • I have checked the position of the pins and I am happy with the length / tightness.
  • I give authorisation for the alterations to be done as pinned and understand that if I want any additional changes made, an additional fee will be charged.   

Signed: ________________________________________________  Date: _______________________

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