When it comes to what to wear to the wedding, everyone is usually focused on the Bride, Bridesmaids, Groom & Groomsmen, making sure that they will look good. Next come the mums. They usually are very capable sorting themselves out but everyone seems to forget the FOB and the FOG- (Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom)

So what should they wear?


Has a very important role. If he is walking his daughter down the aisle all eyes will be on him. First and foremost he should be well groomed. He needs to wear the equivalent of what the Groom and Groomsmen are wearing. If they are wearing a suit, so should he.  In fact, he can, as the FOB go one step further and wear a Tuxedo.

If they are wearing a tie, so should he. To tie in with everyone, it is a nice touch to ensure that the FOB’s tie (and hanky) match / compliment his partners outfit.


His son is taking the big step of getting married and the best way to show his pride to him is to attend the wedding looking good. The FOG should not be outdone by the FOB. Its a good idea to find out what the FOB is wearing and wear the equivalent. Its ok for you both to wear the same colour suit, but try be a little individual.  If the FOB is wearing a two piece suit – the FOG could look a little different by wearing a vest with his suit. Again, its a nice touch if the FOG’s tie compliments his partners outfit.

How Old ?

If the FOB / FOG are not ‘regular’ suit wearers and “don’t need” a new one as they already have one, It is a good idea to ask them to show it to you.  Their idea of a perfectly good suit may be a little different to yours!  If everyone else in the wedding party is wearing a well fitting suit, it is important that the FOB / FOG are not wearing an ill fitting one.

Alternate looks

If the FOB / FOG insist that they don’t want to buy a new suit as they will never get the wear out of it, an alternative solution would be for them to wear a Dark Navy or Black Blazer with contrasting trousers. The advantage to the blazer is that it can be worn on less formal occasions.

How Much?

Suit prices depend on brand and fabric that is selected. However, it should be all about how the outfit is put together and most importantly the fit.   Whether you are small, short, tall or large, JFH will be able to show you a range of suits that will fit both your body shape and your budget. Suits packages at Just For Him start at $299 (see advert on page 4) Brands carried at JFH include Studio Italia, Cambridge, Gibson, New England, Shoreditch, Milano. They also have access to most other brands on the market.

The right fit

Too many men wear suits and shirts that don’t fit correctly. Todays suits should have only two buttons, slightly narrower lapels and flat front trousers. Sleeves should NOT extend past the wrist. It doesn’t matter what shape you are, todays suits should not be baggy! Out of date suits should be retired. If there is one occasion when its important to look your best, its at your child’s wedding.

Some men think its perfectly ok and choose to wear shirts that are way too big as they feel more comfortable.  If the shoulders of the shirt extend past the actual shoulders and if you can fit more than 1 finger into the collar of the shirt when its done up – the shirt is too big!  At the other end of the scale, if the top button of the shirt cannot be done up, the shirt is too small.  He cannot just leave the top button undone and push the tie up to cover it as it never sits properly.  A shirt that is the correct size should be comfortable all over.

How to measure for a shirt

There are two factors that determine what size shirt a man should wear – 1. What size his neck is and 2. What body shape he has.  The first step is to measure around his neck making sure the tape measure sits where a collar would. To ensure he has room to breath, either put your finger against his neck when measuring or add 1cm.  If a mans neck is 40 cm, that is what size his shirt should be. Next is the fit – you need to determine what fit / cut will be best.

Classic Cut – Is the most generous. Suitable for men with a girth that is larger than the chest.

City Slim – Not as generous as a Classic. This style is a comfortable fit for most men of average proportions.

Slim Fit – This is suitable for fit / slim bodies

Body Fit – This is a body hugging shirt suitable for a slight build or very fit body.

Once you have the neck size and know the body shape, it is now easy to select a shirt that will look good and be comfortable.

Help on hand

The easiest way to get the FOB and the FOG sorted for the wedding is to make an appointment and take them into Just For Him.  If the mothers have selected their outfit for the wedding, take it along to the styling.  The experienced staff at JFH will ask questions such as :

  • How often do you wear a suit
  • Do you have a budget you would like to stick to
  • What colour is your wife / partner wearing
  • How formal is the wedding, what are the boys wearing

They will then select an outfit that will compliment the wedding party and his partner but most importantly, it will fit his body and budget.

Don’t forget Grandpa!

Whatever you call him, your grandfather should not be forgotten! If you are fortunate to have a grandfather, take the time to ask him what he plans on wearing to the wedding. If he says he is all set and doesn’t want a new suit that is fine. However, it would make him feel special if you went out and bought him a new shirt, tie and matching hanky for the big day.  If Grandpa will be partnering someone, his tie should compliment their outfit. However, if Grandpa is attending alone, it is nice if his tie compliments the wedding party.

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