Mens Wedding & Formal Accessories Advice

Accessories can really finish off an outfit. Here are some simple tips on what accessories can be worn to add individuality and style:

  • Cufflinks – Traditionally Cufflinks are worn with a ‘French Cuff’ – this is a cuff that is folded back onto itself. Alternatively, if you think that you wont get the use out of a French Cuff shirt the event, you could wear a shirt with a ‘Duo Cuff’. This is a shirt that has both buttons and a hole that you can put cufflinks in.  This shirt is very versatile as it can also be worn at more casual events.
  • Tie Pin – If you do not want to wear a formal vest with your suit, a nice touch is to wear a Tie-pin or Tie-stud.  This will stop the tie from flapping around or landing in your dinner.  Tie-pins & Studs come in lots of different styles, there is sure to be a style to suit all personalities.
  • Shirt Studs – If you have decided to wear a formal shirt with a bow-tie, as the front of your shirt is on display, it is a nice touch to personalise the shirt by inserting shirt-studs of your choice.  More often than not, you can usually get the matching cufflinks with the shirt studs.
  • Pocket Hanky (commonly referred to as a Pocket Square) – It doesn’t matter what colour suit you are wearing, a pocket hanky adds a touch of colour. The hank can either match the colour of the tie, or it can match the partners dress.  In regards to the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom, they should definitely wear a pocket hank that matches their tie – which matches / compliments their wife / partners dress.
  • Socks – Every guy should purchase themselves a new pair of socks to wear on a special occasion. You can always stick to the traditional black socks or alternatively, select a pair of socks that compliment the colour of your tie / hanky.
  • Dress Watch – If ever there is a time to pack away your every day watch, it’s a special occasion.  If you are getting married and your bride wants to buy you a wedding gift, why not suggest a nice dress watch. This is something that you will have for a lifetime, you may even decide to pass it on as an heir loom.  If you don’t have a dress watch – don’t wear any watch at all. Nothing looks worse than a guy wearing a lovely outfit teamed with a chunky sports watch!
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