His first formal / business outfit

Not so long ago, fatherly types used to impart this bit of sartorial advice to young men: Invest in one well-made suit.

The thing is, a well-made suit used to cost a lot. Not anymore.

With new ‘IT” brands such as New England now available, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to look like a million bucks. You are now able to afford to buy your formal suit instead of hiring something that has been worn umpteen times before!

Today’s quality ‘fashion’ suits are sharply tailored with fitted silhouettes, stylish lapels, available in a large range of colours and retail for as little as $300.

How is it you can be suitably attired for so little?

These suits are not 100% wool which greatly reduces the price.

Of course, these off-the-rack suits cannot compare to bespoke tailoring, but for a young man shopping for his formal outfit or first work outfit,  Fashion Suits are light on the wallet but heavy on style.

It is a relief to now know that after ‘Work’ or the ‘Formal’, the suit will get used as young men are now abandoning hoodies and baggy jeans for suits when they go out at night. The biggest change about the suit is you don’t have to always wear it with a shirt and tie.

The Jacket looks fantastic teamed with jeans.

Nowadays its not about the brand – its about how the suit fits.  The ‘fashion suit’ fit is snug but not clingy, slim but not tight and it is versatile. From formals, weddings, work or play, todays fashion suit fits the Body, Budget and Image.

At Just For Him, our favourite ‘fashion’ suit brands include:

Shoreditch and New England.

At Just For Him, the stylists will assist you in putting together a stylish look that is diverse – meaning they will show you how by changing a few pieces the suit can be worn for formal events and also for work or play.

For younger guys that are on a tight budget, they have put together a package that is well priced and affordable. Instead of hiring and wasting money, for not much more you can now afford to own a well fitting stylish suit. (insert package link)

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