The origin of the Cufflink

The first time that the cufflink was brought to attention was in the nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo. It was this book that discussed in detail Baron Danglars ‘French Cuff’ and how great envy was sparked when onlookers saw the enormous diamonds that glittered in his shirt sleeves. The description was so fantastic that tailors immediately recognised how outfitting french society with such details could distinguish their clients.

It wasn’t long before a cuffed shirt sporting cufflinks  became a characteristic mark of a true, modern gentleman and it wasn’t long before cufflinks started to commonly appear at the wrists of men wanting to look extra special.

Tradition says a man should never buy his own cufflinks, they should be gifts meant to mark an occasion.

These days men have come to recognize the importance cufflinks passed-down from a grandfather, or given by a best friend at his wedding and might solely rely on such pieces for formal affairs.

The main thing to remember in choosing your cufflinks especially for your wedding day, is to keep in mind the fact that they should compliment your other accessories. Your cufflinks should match your watch and other jewellery.

GREAT IDEA!! – Get your groomsmen to chip in and buy you a ‘Special’ pair of cufflinks for your big day.  A pair of Silver cufflinks with your initials engraved on them will be an item that you will wear with pride and be able to hand down as an heir loom.

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