Keep your cool

On your wedding day, it doesn’t matter if its 35 deg or 5 deg – lets face it – you are probably going to be a bit hot under the collar!!    The #1 hint I can give you to keep your cool is ….

Wear a tight fitting white tee shirt under your shirt – Once the ceremony and photographs are over, go into the toilets and remove your tee-shirt, re-apply some deodorant and aftershave and Hey Presto – you will look, smell and feel nice and fresh and ready for the party to begin !

Here are a couple more hints on how to keep your  cool –

  • Get a family member or friend to take a small esky filled with cold bottled water for the wedding party for after the ceremony
  • Put a can of deodorant and some aftershave in the esky  to freshen up before the reception

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