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Keep your cool

On your wedding day, it doesn’t matter if its 35 deg or 5 deg – lets face it – you are probably going to be a bit hot under the collar!!    The #1 hint I can give you to keep your cool is ….

Wear a tight fitting white tee shirt under your shirt – Once the ceremony and photographs are over, go into the toilets and remove your tee-shirt, re-apply some deodorant and aftershave and Hey Presto – you will look, smell and feel nice and fresh and ready for the party to begin !

Here are a couple more hints on how to keep your  cool –

  • Get a family member or friend to take a small esky filled with cold bottled water for the wedding party for after the ceremony
  • Put a can of deodorant and some aftershave in the esky  to freshen up before the reception

The origin of the Cufflink

The first time that the cufflink was brought to attention was in the nineteenth century novel The Count of Monte-Cristo. It was this book that discussed in detail Baron Danglars ‘French Cuff’ and how great envy was sparked when onlookers saw the enormous diamonds that glittered in his shirt sleeves. The description was so fantastic… Continue Reading

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